About Us

Birch Glen Cooperative Homes

Birch Glen Co-operative Homes is a non-profit corporation whose business is to provide its members with affordable housing, and whose goal is to be a successful, self-reliant community. 

Community Spirit

Community spirit is a direct result of people working together. As you meet and work together in the co-operative community you will come to know your neighbours. Good neighbours help each other. Together the members can make a Birch Glen a self-reliant community with a place for everyone. 

A Unique Alternative

To join Birch Glen you don't buy your unit, you become a member of the co-operative. Membership in a co-operative is not the same as either ownership or rental tenancy, but it combines the best of both. 

Like home owners, co-op members have control over where they live. You and the other members of the co-opearive control the corporation that owns your building. the members share both the responsibilities and the privileges of ownership. No one  can sell your building  or convert it to some other use.

Like renters, co-op members pay for the costs of their apartment on a monthly basis. there is no large initial downpayment.